Current Research Projects

Full Projects

BRAVE Strategy
(Breast cancer Risk Assessment: AchieVing Equity in Breast Cancer Outcomes – Strategy for the Public Health Setting)

Project Leads: 
Lucy B. Spalluto, MD, MPH [VICC]
Maureen Sanderson, PhD, MPH [MMC]
Rebecca Selove, PhD, MPH [TSU]

Project synopsis available here.

Role of Fetuin-A in Prostate Cancer Initiation, Progression and Prognosis

Project Leads:
Josiah Ochieng, PhD [MMC]
Robert J. Matusik, PhD [VICC]
Zhenbang Chen, PhD [MMC]

Project synopsis available here.

Pilot Project

Developing immune checkpoint controlled-release biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy

Project Leads:
Anil Shanker, PhD [MMC]
Richard Mu, PhD [TSU]
Todd Giorgio, PhD [VICC]

Project synopsis available here.