Planning and Evaluation Core

Planning & Evaluation Core Leaders:
Sarah Suiter, PhD (Core Director)
Dana Marshall, PhD
Rebecca Selove, PhD, MPH

The Planning & Evaluation Core (PEC) ensures planning, monitoring, evaluation, and tracking of partnership activities are comprehensive to the needs of the MVTCP, and utilize evaluation activities to ensure that the MVTCP is successful in contributing to the broad goals of the Comprehensive Partnerships to Advance Cancer Health Equity (CPACHE) program. The information garnered through evaluation processes is used to guide the investment of resources into projects, programs, and institutional-level strategies such as recruitment. At a time in which cancer health disparities and inequities in research and education remain as major barriers to improving health and quality-of-life for all, ensuring that the efforts of the MVTCP are successful is paramount. Conducting high-quality, continuous evaluation of the MVTCP provides the opportunity to improve documentation, measure successes, and attend to weaknesses for the purposes of program improvement.

PEC Aims

1) foster on-going coordination facilitated by the Administrative Core, with the Internal Advisory Committee and Program Steering Committee to ensure the MVTCP is receiving expert feedback and guidance on cores, projects, and the performance of the MVTCP as a whole;

2) use a combination of established and innovative evaluation techniques to assess the MVTCP and its accomplishment of short- and long-term goals;

3) develop a culture of evaluation within the MVTCP that is committed to the use of data to support decision making, drive quality improvement, and inform dissemination.